About the Gravity App
Version 1.22.1

About The Gravity App

The Gravity App was built by Newton Software, Inc. (www.newtonsoftware.com). Newton Software builds applicant tracking software. Applicant tracking software is used by companies, such as yours, to post jobs, to save applicants, and to track these applicants through the hiring process.

It will only do what you ask it to do

The Gravity App will not post anything to your feed, or tweet anything, or broadcast anything unless you specifically ask it to do so.

What the Gravity App does

(note: from here on when we say “share” we mean any sort of social broadcast, such as the following: like, share, send, email, tweet)

At your command, and only at your command, the Gravity App will share jobs to your social networks and send jobs to your contacts.

When you share a job, you will earn points. Your employer may decide to give you rewards for reaching certain point totals. Your employer may decide to give you a referral reward when someone you refer gets hired. Inside of the Gravity App you will see your point totals and potential referral rewards. By the way, Newton Software and the Gravity App are not going to give you rewards. It is up to your employer to do so.

When someone applies to a job you have shared, you may get an email from Newton Software asking you to vouch for the applicant. Your response will be saved in Newton and will be visible to your employer.

What the App Tracks

Gravity will NOT track any of your social activity other than when you specifically use the app to share jobs. To give you credit (i.e. points) for helping your company hire, Gravity will track your job shares, people clicking your shared job link, and people applying to shared jobs. Gravity will track your monthly and all-time point totals.

When someone clicks one of your shared job links, Newton Software will place a cookie on their device. This cookie is necessary to allow Gravity to correlate the referrer (you) with the applicant. If you share a job with someone who has cookies turned off, you may not get credit if that person applies or gets hired. Newton Software may place a cookie on your machine so that it is easier for you to login to the Gravity App. We will track when you login and also track your usage of the application so that we may improve its performance. You may read our complete privacy policy by clicking here.

Your employer

The jobs you share using the app, your point totals, the applicants that you refer, and your recommendation emails will be visible to your employer. Your employer will know if you have created a Gravity account. Your employer will be able to terminate your Gravity account. Your employer will not have access to any of your social data. If you have concerns, please read our complete privacy policy by clicking here.


Click here to view a guide on how to use Gravity.

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